FMLA Teach-In Aug. 14

On Wednesday, Aug. 14th, Local 3657 will host a teach-in/Q&A focusing on the basic rights and responsibilities of employees to job-protected leave, along with the administration of FMLA by our employer.

Our sisters Janet Hill and Joan Hill will host this session from noon to 1 p.m. in the 9th floor conference room at headquarters. Members outside the building can call in using the following line: 515-606-5688 (Access code: 274309).

Members who wish to submit questions in advance and remain anonymous should e-mail Joan ( or Janet ( before the session.

Lunch will be provided, and members in the field may submit receipts up to $15 for reimbursement for their lunches.

If you plan to participate either in person or on the phone, please email Elizabeth Laycak ( with the subject “FMLA RSVP.”

Members can access forms and documents related to the presentation at the following links:

Your Rights Under FMLA

USW Salary Continuance Policy

Form WH-380-E

Form WH-380-F

Form WH-381

Form WH-382

New Member Orientation: Aug. 6

The Local 3657 New Member Committee will host our semi-annual new member orientation on Tuesday, Aug. 6, from 9 a.m. to noon in Conference Room B on the 2nd floor at headquarters.

According to our contract, these sessions are considered part of your work day. All new probationary employees (both PFOs and non-PFOs) who are members of Local 3657 are welcome to attend. We will discuss the benefits provided by our contract, the history of our union, how you can get involved in our local, how bargaining works, and other topics.

Members in the field will be invited to participate electronically – we will let you know how to access the system once we have those plans nailed down.

The orientation session will be followed by a catered lunch with the Local 3657 Executive Board.