Office  Name
 President Josh Keirsey
 Vice President Mary Kaye Sipe
 Recording Secretary Carol Gehm
 Financial Secretary Rachel Nunes
 Treasurer Brittani Murray
 Guide John Lepley
 Inside Guard Sean McGrath
 Outside Guard R.J. Hufnagel
 Trustee Julie Lidstone
 Trustee Carolyn Stokes
 Trustee Jenny VanSchyndel
 Grievance Chair Robin Sowards
 Intl Grievance Rep. Joan Hill
 Intl Grievance Rep. Carolyn Stokes
 Intl Grievance Rep. Robin Sowards
 Field Grievance Rep. Jenny VanSchyndel
 Field Grievance Rep. Leslie Blasko
 Steward – District 1 Laura Shelton
 Steward – District 2 Jenny VanSchyndel
 Steward – District 4 Robin Carberry
 Steward – District 7 Nikki Zepeda
 Steward – District 8 Shirley Bellamy
 Steward – District 9 Donna Shaver
 Steward – District 10 Leslie Blasko
 Steward – District 11 Tiffany Olson
 Steward – District 12 Laura Walker
 Steward – District 13  Yesenia Alfaro
 Steward – Washington, D.C.  Carolyn Keys

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