Local Election Nominations Open

Local 3657 elections will take place in April.  This message serves to notify members of Local 3657 about the nominations process for our Local Union.  Offices on the Local 3657 Executive Board, positions on the Grievance Committee, and District Stewards are up for election.

How To Nominate

In order to nominate someone, email Recording Secretary Lisa Nutter (lnutter@usw.org) and specify the member you are nominating as well as the office and/or position you are nominating him or her for.  You can also make a nomination from the floor or over the phone during this month’s membership meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, March 22 at 12:30 PM (EST).  Nominations will not be accepted after this month’s Local Union meeting.

Members cannot accept nominations for more than one office on the Local 3657 Executive Board.  However, members can serve on the Executive Board and sit on the Grievance Committee and/or be a District steward (Grievance Committee members are not Local Union officers under the Local Union Elections Manual).  Members who work in the Districts and Washington, D.C., office shall only nominate and elect a steward for their respective District and office.  Please note that per the Local 3657 bylaws the meeting attendance rule shall not be enforced for this election.

Local 3657 Executive Board (officers)


Vice President

Recording Secretary

Financial Secretary






Inside Guard

Outside Guard


Grievance Committee (positions)

Grievance Committee – District

Grievance Committee – District

Grievance Committee – International Headquarters

Grievance Committee – International Headquarters

Grievance Committee – International Headquarters


District Stewards & Washington, D.C. (positions)

District 1

District 2

District 4

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

District 13

International Headquarters (Washington, D.C. office)



Holiday Party Wrap-Up!

Thanks to everyone at the headquarters who came out for the Local 3657 holiday party. Our 50/50 total was $250, leaving a jackpot of $125 for the winner. Aaron Hudson and Sabrina Liu were the winners, and they generously donated their winnings back to the Hecla local. That, along with $50 raised from the Trump piñata, brought our local’s total donation to $300.

We also loved seeing all of you in your Local 3657 gear. We even had folks out in the field send us some photos of their attire!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and happy holidays to all!