USW Local 3657 has five standing committees mandated by the USW constitution and several other committees that have been created by the membership over the years. Generally, committee membership is open to anyone who is interested and committees meet regularly in the building.  All committee meetings are accessible via teleconference or live stream so you can participate in these committees whether you work at headquarters or in one of the field offices!

CAT (Communications Action Team)

CAT is responsible for facilitating two-way communication between all of the members of our local union and our local union’s executive board.  If you want to join CAT or if you feel like you’re not getting information that you need, contact our CAT Coordinator, Chelsey Engel.

Chelsey Engel Communications 412-562-2281

Civil and Human Rights


The Civil and Human Rights Committee is one of the standing committees of the local union.  They are working to facilitate trainings and other educational activities on harassment and on diversity in the workplace.  They are also available to help 3657 members raise and address civil and human rights issues in our workplace.

To get involved or to bring forward a complaint contact the Civil and Human Rights Committee’s leadership team:

Guillermo Perez—Co-Chair Education 412-562-2434
Doug Ward—Co-Chair Health and Safety 412-562-2582
Janene Hogan Accounting 412-562-2341

Fundraising and Recreation


The Fundraising and Recreation Committee organizes the annual USW Local 3657 Holiday Party at the headquarters and other social events for the local union throughout the year. The committee also organizes periodic fundraisers and bucket drops to raise money for striking locals and other important causes. To get involved in the Fundraising and Recreation Committee or to suggest a fundraiser or social event we should be organizing around, contact Barb Pugliese:

Barb Pugliese Accounting 412-562-2358

Grievance Committee

The USW Local 3657 Grievance Committee is responsible for administering our collective bargaining agreement, processing grievances and answering questions about the contract. If you have a grievance, concern or complaint or a question about our contract, contact one of the members of the Grievance Committee

Jenny VanSchyndel District 2 920-722-7630
Judy Smith District 12 253-854-4536
Bev Yacapraro Accounting 412-562-2337
Barb Pugliese Accounting 412-562-2358
Eric Russell Political 412-562-2475

Health, Safety and Environment

The Health, Safety and Environment Committee is responsible for investigating and addressing hazards and health and safety issues in our workplace.  To report a Health and Safety issue contact Steffi Domike.

Steffi Domike Education 412-562-2559

New Member

The New Member Committee greets every new member who is hired into our local union.  The committee also facilitates the union portion of the semi-annual New Employee Orientation.  To get involved in the new member committee or to let us know about a new face in your department, contact Carolyn Kazdin.

Carolyn Kazdin Strategic Campaigns 412-562-2521


The Organizing Committee provides support to our associate member chapter, Fight Back Pittsburgh.  To get involved in the organizing committee or plug into Fight Back Pittsburgh contact John Lepley.

John Lepley Education 412-562-2603


The Political Action Committee is responsible for signing Local 3657 members up to make voluntary contributions to the USW’s Political Action Committee Fund.  The get involved in the PAC Committee, contact Josh Keirsey.

Josh Keirsey Rapid Response 412-562-2291

Rapid Response

The Rapid Response Committee mobilizes around issues that matter to working families.  The committee circulates Rapid Response Alerts from the International Union and organizes 3657 members to take action in response to those alerts.  To get involved in the Rapid Response Committee contact Andy Zanaglio or Josh Keirsey.

Amber Miller Rapid Response 412-562-2329


Because the members of USW Local 3657 are scattered across the entire country we rely heavily on our website for communicating with eachother and sharing information.  Our website and livestream is run by a team of Local 3657 activists.  If you are having trouble accessing the livestream or website or if you have some content that you would like added to our website, contact a member of our web team.

Mollie Relihan New Media 412-456-4345
Josh Keirsey Rapid Response 412-562-2291
Lisa Nutter Accounting 412-562-2364

Women of Steel


Local 3657 has one of the largest and strongest Women of Steel committees in the entire International Union. They host and organize teach-ins as well as rallies and other events to raise awareness about not only women’s issues, but all social justice issues. To get involved in the Women of Steel Committee, contact one of the committee co-chairs.

Janene Hogan Accounting 412-562-2341
Paulette Battisti Education 412-562-2437

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