Worker Justice Action Academy!

cropped-woja1On July 19, join workers’ rights activists from labor and community groups from across Pittsburgh for the first session of the Worker Justice Action Academy, a new series of day-long workshops designed to help union members, community organizers, students, and workers’ rights activists take our campaigns for social and economic justice to the next level.

In the first session of the Worker Justice Action Academy, we will offer workshops on developing campaign strategy, organizing effective and dynamic actions, and building core organizing skills. In future sessions in the coming months we’ll dive deeper into each of these topics to help local activists and organizers put more tools in our toolboxes and move our work forward.

Worker Justice Action Academy

Saturday, July 19 9:30am-4:30pm

Human Services Building

One Smithfield Street, Downtown Pittsburgh

Then, at 4:30 stick around for a happy hour with worker justice activists at Genoa’s at 111 Market Street–your first drink is free!

Register online at 

Sponsored by: Make It Our UPMC, One Pittsburgh, Pittsburghers for Public Transit, USW Local 3657 / Fight Back Pittsburgh

Workshops include:

  • Selecting tactics that build your campaign
  • Building one on one organizing skills
  • Analyzing power to understand your adversary
  • Ingredients of a successful action
  • Thinking through the story your campaign will tell
  • Facilitating a successful organizing meeting


Stepping Up the Fight for Workers’ Rights in Pittsburgh

This is a unique and exciting moment in Pittsburgh’s labor history. In the face of unprecedented attacks on workers rights that are playing out in workplaces, state capital, and communities, workers in Pittsburgh are organizing and mobilizing in unprecedented numbers to stand up for good jobs and investment in our neighborhoods. Workers across the region are standing up to demand a voice at work; they’re insisting that politicians respond to the needs of working class communities; and they’re embracing new, non-traditional models for standing up to demand good jobs and social justice.

But change isn’t going to come easy. If we’re going to take the fight to the next level we need to work together and put some new tactics in our toolboxes. The Worker Justice Action Academy is a chance to learn new skills for organizing bold, creative, and dynamic actions and to work together to understand how we can use these tools strategically and effectively in our struggles.

Who Should Come?

You! If you’re committed to the struggle for workers’ rights and economic justice and you want to take the fight to the next level, you don’t want to miss this event. If you’re new to the struggle, this is a great chance to build some skills and get plugged into the exciting work that’s happening in our movement. If you’re a seasoned activist, this is a great opportunity to learn some new skills and to join the conversation about how to take our movement to the next level.


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