We Are Students – Not Customers! Rally Against Student Debt


We Are Students–Not Customers!

Rally Against Student Debt

Wednesday, October 19th

Schenley Plaza

4100 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219

Student debt in the United States totals over $1.2 trillion, and each year the number grows. Universities in Pittsburgh are among the most expensive in the country – and the world!

The “International Student Movement” has called for a global week of action…

Against the growing trends of debilitating student debt, budget cuts, and stagnating wages

In support of a growing global movement of students, faculty, adjunct and tenured professors, and community members that are demanding free education, living wages, green jobs, and a radical democratization of the organizational structures and decision-making processes that control our society.

Join the Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition – PSSC and students from the University of Pittsburgh, Point Park, Chatham, Carnegie Mellon, CCAC, CAPA and more in Schenley Plaza on Wednesday, November 19th, to rally and declare that we are students, not customers!


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