The Crisis Isn’t Over…Let’s Help Struggling People in Our Community Weather the Storm

The Crisis Isn’t Over…Let’s Help Struggling People in Our Community Weather the Storm

People all over Pittsburgh are struggling. The politicians and pundits may tell us that the financial crisis is over but for the dozens of people lining up for food and clothing assistance across the street from our office every day, the crisis is far from over. Across our community we are seeing homelessness, food insecurity, parents struggling in poverty with young children, families facing foreclosure, workers experiencing long-term unemployment, and people struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

We all know that the situation isn’t going to improve until we transform our broken capitalist economic system and begin to put people before profits and ensure that everyone in our community is ensured access to food security, decent housing, meaningful work, quality education, and healthcare. But right now people in our community need help.

While we continue to fight for transformative economic change, every year members of USW Local 3657 come together through the United Way to fund critical private agencies in our community that are providing essential services to people struggling in our community.

This year, I urge you all to once again consider pledging to the United Way of Allegheny County. You can pledge online at

Your user ID is USW + the first initial of your first name + your last name (so my user ID is USWPyoung).

Your password is usw-united (you will be asked to change your password once you login.

Please remember that pledges do not automatically renew so you if you have donated in the past you need to make sure to sign up to contribute again.

If you would prefer to use the paper form just e-mail Norma (nstephens-pierce) and she’ll make sure you get a paper copy.

For thousands of families in Pittsburgh and around the country, the crisis isn’t over. We all know that we are only going to be able to permanently address the systematic economic inequalities that we’re seeing through transformative political and economic change, but in the mean time people in our community need help. Please give generously to help our neighbors weather the storm.

In solidarity,

Patrick Young
President, USW Local 3657

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