Civil Rights Committee Report for October 2014

Civil Rights Committee Report for October 2014

The Committee met this month and reports the following:

  1. Race exhibit at Carnegie Museum – The local and district agreed to pay up to $200 a piece, totaling $400 for the cost of renting a school bus. We negotiated the bus for much less. Through the efforts of VP Fred Redmond, the international agreed to cover the cost of 45 tickets, pizza and drinks. We had a guided tour and a conference room for discussions before and after the tour. There were 37 people that attended.
  1. AFL-CIO Mass Incarceration Training – Spoke with the lead from the AFL-CIO and was informed the training will start sometime after elections.
  1. CBTU – Had a second meeting, some things were solidified we have a communications committee and a membership (organizing) committee. And discuss what volunteering role we can play in the upcoming elections.
  1. African American/Latino Roundtable (Talk Magazine) – the event was held in Harrisburg, PA. We discussed topics pertaining to Healthcare, Immigration, Housing Assistance, Job Training Programs, Union Relevance and Voter Turnout. Director Bobby Mac stopped in and there were several other Steelworkers in attendance. It was a very successful event with a great turnout. Thank you for allowing me to represent the District, Local and CRC in this event.
  1. National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality – We were in attendance and participated on behalf of the Local 3657, LCLAA and the CRC. Guillermo spoke as our representative.

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