Local 3657 Civil Rights Committee Report on Staff Diversity of the United Steelworkers for 2014

As the civil rights committee for a union local that represents a significant portion of the staff of the United Steelworkers (USW), we believe that part of our charge is to periodically assess the USW’s performance when it comes to developing and maintaining a diverse workforce.  In addition, as Steelworkers, we believe having a staff and leadership representative of the diversity of our membership and the communities in which we work is consistent with the core values of our International Union.

This report is partly based on numbers reported directly to the Civil Rights Committee of USW Local 3657 (CRC) by the USW regarding the basic demographics of the U.S.-based membership of the Union in 2012.[1]  The remaining data come from the USW’s 2013 EEO-1 report to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and from available U.S. Census reports.  This year’s report is the first of its kind for our committee, and perhaps, the first of its kind in the forty plus years of our local or the seventy-two year history of our great international union.  None of us are demographers or statisticians, so we hope that our report is both accurate and useful as a means of measuring the USW’s performance in the area of staff diversity.  We welcome comments, questions, and certainly criticism of the constructive variety, all of which may be sent to either of the two co-chairs of this committee:  Guillermo Perez (gperez@usw.org) or Doug Ward (dward@usw.org).

In solidarity forever,

USW Local 3657 Civil Rights Committee: Guillermo Perez, Co-chair; Doug Ward, Co-chair; Sherry Boler; Shirley Bellamy; Jamaal Craig; Janet Hill; Audrey Minor



Click Here to Read the Full Report

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