Brown Bag Lunch with UPMC Workers

Brown Bag Lunch with UPMC Workers
Tuesday, February 25th
12 noon
Lobby Conference Room

Over the past several months hundreds of workers at UPMC have been fighting to win decent pay, fairness at work, and a union contract. They have faced one of the most aggressive anti-union campaigns we’ve seen in this region in years. Workers have been threatened, intimidate, fired, and even had the police called on them for talking about the union in their lunchroom.

But still they’re standing up to form a union and Make it Our UPMC.

If workers at UPMC are going to win a union and respect at work, they’re going to need to win a fair process to organize to form a union—one that doesn’t allow their employer to threaten workers and fire them for showing their support for the organizing drive.

On March 3rd UPMC workers and union activists from around Pittsburgh are going to be taking action UPMC’s headquarters.

But before we head out into the streets, we want to hear more about the UPMC workers’ struggle to form a union and win fairness and respect at work. On February 25th at 12 noon some UPMC workers will be joining us in the Lobby Conference Room to tell us why they’re fighting for a union, the resistance they’re facing at work, and what they’re doing to win a fair process for joining the union.

Please join us on February 25th at 12 noon in the lobby conference room to hear from these brave hospital workers who are fighting for a decent standard of living for working people in Pittsburgh.

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