Membership Meeting, UNITE-HERE Rally, United Way Drive Continues!

As a quick reminder we have a meeting scheduled for 12:30 pm eastern time this Thursday, December 20th.  The meeting will be held in the lobby conference room in the headquarters and, as always, live streamed at

We realize that many 3657 members will be taking some much deserved vacation time later this week.  If you’re not in the office please enjoy your time with your families!  But if you are working on Thursday, please try to attend the meeting.  
United Way Drive Continues
A few weeks ago we learned that this year’s United Way pledges from the USW staff are down more than 20% for the year.  Need in our community, meanwhile, is through the roof. We realize that these can be tough economic times for some folks—some of us have kids in college, sick parents, and other tough financial situations.  If you can’t afford to contribute financially, that’s fine.  If you can afford it, please think about giving what you can.  Also, you may want to think about pledging some of your time as well.  You can find volunteer opportunities online at: 
You can make a recurring pre-tax contribution to the United Way by pledging online at  If you choose to pledge online, you can select an amount to be deducted from your paycheck (it will be deducted pre-tax).  Any amount, from $1/paycheck to $100/paycheck helps.  Your user ID is USW + your first initial + your last name (for instance my ID is USWpyoung) and your default password is usw-united.  The process will take about 5-10 mins. 
Rivers Casino, Pay Your Fair Share!  
Our sisters and brothers from UNITE-HERE Local 57 are holding an important demonstration tomorrow, December 19th at the Rivers Casino, calling on the Casino to agree to pay their fair share of taxes to support local schools.  If you’re in Pittsburgh, please try to attend! 
WHO: Community groups, Unions and other citizens concerned with excellent, adequately-funded public education
WHAT: Press Conference & Delivery of over 1,000 petition signatures to Rivers Casino 
WHEN: 2:30 pm on Wednesday, December 19th  
WHERE: Meet on the (public) River Walk in between the Carnegie Science Center & Rivers Casino (closer to the Science Center). There is no overhead cover, so please come weatherproofed.
WHY: Because Rivers Casino needs to pay its fair share & be the community partner it promised to be!

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