USW Local 3657 Announces the Launch of Fight Back Pittsburgh

USW Local 3657 is excited to announce the launch of Fight Back Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh-based chapter of the Steelworkers’ Associate Member Program.  Fight Back Pittsburgh is a community based union that stands up for working peoples’ rights in our communities, in our government, and most importantly at work.  You don’t need to work in a specific industry or workplace to join Fight Back Pittsburgh, you just need to believe that working class people deserve fair pay and benefits, access to healthcare, high quality social services, and a brighter future for our kids and grandkids.

To join Fight Back Pittsburgh fill out our quick online sign-up form.

How it works:

Fight Back Pittsburgh will be a democratic, grass roots, member led organization to help bring working class people together to work together to win change on issues that matter to us. In general, Fight Back Pittsburgh will work a lot like a local union.  We’ll meet monthly, we’ll elect our own leaders, and we’ll work together to figure out the best way to fight for the interests of working class people in Pittsburgh.

Through November and December of this year we’ll be working together to get the word out about this exciting program.  Then in January we’ll hold the inaugural assembly of Fight Back Pittsburgh.  At that time we’ll vote on a set of bylaws for our new organization and decide what major initiatives we want to work on in the coming weeks and months.

Decades ago the Steelworkers fought to win good, family sustaining jobs in Pittsburgh and to create social services to give us all a fair shot at success.  We created a decent standard of living for working class people in Pittsburgh once, and together we can do it again. 

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