2022 Scholarships Available

Local 3657 will be granting six (6) five-hundred-dollar ($500.00) Philip Murray Memorial Scholarships to sons, daughters or legal wards of our dues-paying local union members for study at a college, university, trade school or other establishments offering post-secondary education. Applications for Union apprenticeship fees will also be considered.

Under Article XIV, Section 5 of our Local Union By-Laws, three (3) Academic and three (3) Technical Scholarships will be awarded. All undergraduate and graduate students who qualify for the USW Social Insurance Program and have not previously been granted a Local Union 3657 Scholarship are eligible to participate in the drawing.

For the first time we are asking applicants to write a short 500-word essay on the topic of “What Unions Mean to Me”. The essays will not be judged as the basis for awarding scholarships – the Committee would just like to know how our applicants view unions.

Please note on the cover sheet for the entry the applicant’s name, the name of the sponsoring 3657 member, whether applying for an Academic or Technical Scholarship, and what school the applicant will be attending and mail or e-mail it to:

Carol Gehm, Recording Secretary
USW Local Union 3657
60 Boulevard of the Allies, Room 706
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Email: cgehm@usw.org

Your entry must be postmarked or e-mailed no later than August 18, 2022.

Winners will be chosen by lottery drawing at the regular membership meeting on August 25, 2022. The scholarship checks are issued to the learning institutions and not to individuals. Please contact Carol Gehm at 412-562-2346, or at cgehm@usw.org if you have any questions regarding this matter. Thank you.

Click below for the official letter from the Scholarship Committee.

NOTICE: Election of 2022 Convention Delegates & Observers

In accordance with the USW Constitution, the Local Union Elections Manual, and Local 3657 By-Laws, elections for 2022 USW Convention Delegates and Observers will be conducted in June 2022 by secret mail-in ballot.

President Rachel Nunes will attend as the Delegate representing HQ staff, as determined at the membership meeting of May 26. One Observer from HQ is to be elected.

There are two members from the Field on the ballot. The individual receiving the plurality of the votes will serve as Delegate, and the other as Observer.

Accordingly, all eligible voting members in good standing will receive a ballot packet, including a postage paid pre-addressed return envelope, for this election. These packets will be mailed to your last known home address.

Mail ballots must be received at the Post Office Box address indicated on the return envelope by 12:00 pm (Noon) Eastern Time on Monday, June 27, 2022. The Election Tellers will conduct the ballot count at 1:00 pm that day in the Local Union Office located at International Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. Individuals are welcome to observe the ballot count but must adhere to any Covid-19 requirements for wearing of masks and social distancing then in force.

An election report will be posted on the 3657 website, bulletin boards, and read at the regular monthly union meeting on Thursday, June 30, at 12:30 pm Eastern Time.