Local 3657 Picnic a Huge Success!

The third-annual USW Local 3657 picnic was a huge success!  Dozens of members and families came together for an afternoon of good food, games and fun! Thanks to Matt Becker and Kirk Gapsky for organizing day-of-event logistics and Barb Pugliese and Lisa Nutter for helping with preparations!

Photos by Ike Gittlen and Ann Flener

2012 Civil Rights Conference Report

Dear President Young:

I must first say thank you to the Executive Board and the membership for allowing me to represent our local at the 16th International Civil & Human Rights Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio entitled the Power of the Ballot.

The conference was outstanding.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, Fred Redmond and Amanda Green-Hawkins did a wonderful job.  We were blessed to be honored and given presentations from several people including our wonderful President Leo Gerard, Dave McCall, Director, District 1, Douglas Sizemore, Mark Mallory, Mayor of Cincinnati, Stan Johnson, International Secretary-Treasurer, Ike Gittlen, Mike Scarver, Director, PAC, Hillary Chiz, Marsha Zakowski, Ann Flener, The Honorable Marcia Fudge, US Representative, 11th District just to name a few of the presenters.  They all were great!

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July Civil Rights Committee Meeting Minutes

Civil Rights Committee

USW Local 3657

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to order

USW Local 3657 Civil Rights Committee called to order a regular meeting of the Civil Rights Committee at 12:30pm on 7/30/12 in the 9th floor conference room.

  1. Attendees

Guillermo Perez

Janet Hill

Doug Ward

Shirley Bellamy

Janene Hogan

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting


  1. Open issues

a)     What is the role of the USW Civil Rights Committee

b)    What issues did the Civil Rights Committee become involved in  previously

a)     Promotions

b)    Fair testing

c)     Discrimination in all areas

c)     Does USW report employee demographics to the EEOC annually and what information is provided

d)    Issues the committee would like to address

a)     Pressing International into developing demographics on employees to make sure that the staff reflects diversity, as the staff should reflect the union

b)    Equal opportunity for promotions

c)     Getting more disabled individuals employed by the International

d)    Clearly defining what is and isn’t a civil/human rights violations

e)     Clearly defining what is and isn’t sexual harassment

  1. Next Steps

a)     Review constitution for language regarding civil rights issues

b)    Review constitution and by-laws to see if there is anything regarding the Civil Rights Committee

c)     Review contract for civil rights language

d)    Research EEOC to see if there are employer reporting guidelines

  1. Next Meeting

Monday, August 27, 2012                    12:30 pm                           10th Floor Conference Room

Minutes submitted by:  Janene Hogan

Minutes approved by: