Important International Elections Update

Ballots for the election of International Officers are now in the mail and most people should receive them within the next few days. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR BALLOT WITHIN THE NEXT SEVERAL DAYS PLEASE CONTACT ONE OF THE ELECTION TELLERS:

Rachel Nunes(412) 952-5076

Donna Shaver (704) 438-2811

Carol Gehm (412) 551-6625 

Brittani Murray (412) 378-9056

Please allow several extra days for delivery if you are located outside of Pennsylvania. If you do not receive a ballot due to an incorrect mailing address or other delivery problem, the Tellers will take steps to have a replacement sent to you.

PLEASE NOTE: The Identification No. requested on the return mailing envelope is your employee ID number that appears on your paystubs. If you use any other number your vote will not count. If you have any questions about the correct number, please contact one of the Tellers identified above. 

Please do not delay in returning your voted ballot.  All ballots must be received at the post office by 10:30 a.m. on November 23 in order to be counted. We cannot accept hand delivery of any ballots.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the Tellers or any member of the Executive Board.

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