FMLA Teach-In Aug. 14

On Wednesday, Aug. 14th, Local 3657 will host a teach-in/Q&A focusing on the basic rights and responsibilities of employees to job-protected leave, along with the administration of FMLA by our employer.

Our sisters Janet Hill and Joan Hill will host this session from noon to 1 p.m. in the 9th floor conference room at headquarters. Members outside the building can call in using the following line: 515-606-5688 (Access code: 274309).

Members who wish to submit questions in advance and remain anonymous should e-mail Joan ( or Janet ( before the session.

Lunch will be provided, and members in the field may submit receipts up to $15 for reimbursement for their lunches.

If you plan to participate either in person or on the phone, please email Elizabeth Laycak ( with the subject “FMLA RSVP.”

Members can access forms and documents related to the presentation at the following links:

Your Rights Under FMLA

USW Salary Continuance Policy

Form WH-380-E

Form WH-380-F

Form WH-381

Form WH-382

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