Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications

Over the past year, the international has had difficulty finding Certified Testing Centers throughout the United States and Canada for the members in the field to complete their 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications.

Certiport will no longer be supporting Microsoft Office 2010 and at the end of the month we will have to upgrade to Office 2016. For members who have previously taken training and/or classes for 2010, it may be in your best interest to take the Certification before August 31. All testing after this date for MOS Certifications will be in Office 2016. At this time, all of the practice software will also be updated.

Accessing Practice Software

Below are the instructions on how to access our GMetrix practice software remotely from your USW computer.  You must score at least 85% on one of the GMetrix practice tests before I can give you a prepaid voucher to take the actual exam.  The GMetrix for Outlook does not work with our Outlook, but you can use it for the other programs.

-Go to your start menu


-Remote Desktop Computer

-In pop up screen where it says computer, type win7-test01 or win7-test02

-In pop up screen you can enter your USW password

-Your screen will change to the remote desktop screen

-Click the GMetrix icon

-You will have to register as a new user to set up a GMetrix account.  Create your account and then log in

-You will be prompted to enter an access code.  Access code 58077-GMXMOS5-13751. You can reuse this code –  repeatedly

-You will then choose your application (Word, Excel, Access).  Make a selection.

-There will be a training mode or a testing mode, choose whichever you want.  I would suggest trying the training mode first and then when you are comfortable with that move on to the testing mode.

For testing, there is a Core 1, 2, and 3.  These are not different levels, they are just 3 different sets of questions.  You only have to pass one of the tests at 85% or higher, not all 3.

Please note that currently only 2 people can be logged in to the testing software at one time.  If you are trying to log in and get the message someone else in currently logged in, switch the computer password to either 01 or 02, the opposite of what you are currently using.  The international is in the process of adding more computers to accommodate more people and will let you know when that is complete.

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