Local Union Office Nominations

Office Nominated Nominated By Total Office Nominated Nominated By Total
President John Lepley C. Kazdin 7 FS District 1 L. Shelton M. Webster 2
L. Bookwood E. Sheridan
T. Luna
P. Young
J. VanShyndel
V. Thomas
A. Miller
Vice President J. VanSchyndel J. Lepley 4 FS District 2 J. VanSchyndel E. Laux 1
L. Bookwood
T. Luna
D. Babin
P. Young J. Lepley 1
J. Craig S. Bellamy 2
G. Perez
Recording Secretary L. Nutter P. DelBianco 2 FS District 4 V. Thomas H. Claver 1
S. Domike
Financial Secretary J. Keirsey A. Zanaglio 2 FS District 7 T. Luna L. Phillips 2
C. Taylor A. Moll
Treasurer S. Domike P. DelBianco 2 FS District 8 D. Smith S. Bellamy 1
L. Nutter
Grievance Committee J. VanSchyndel E. Laux 3 FS District 9 K. Sipe I. Bounds 1
J. Lepley
D. Babin
C. Taylor D. Babin 1
J. Keirsey D. Babin 1
P. Delbianco D. Babin 1
L. Blasko D. Babin 1
D. Ward D. Ward 1
Eric Russell Mickey Bolt
Trustee J. VanSchyndel E. Laux 4 FS District 10 L. Blasko G. McGhee 2
J. Lepley R. Serbin
D. Keller
D. Babin
B. Pugliese A. Zanaglio 2
D. Babin
C. Gehm B. Pugliese 1
D. Keller B. Pugliese 2
D. Babin
Guide K. Sipe D. Babin 1 FS District 11 T. Olson D. Keller 1
D. Keller T. Olson 1
Inside Guard R. Serbin R. Serbin 6 FS District 12
L. Blasko
G. McGhee
D. Herman
A. Minor
J. Roman
Brittani Murray J. Lepley 1
Outside Guard E. Laux E. Laux 1 FS District 13 Yesenia Alfaro Dianne Babin 4
Yesenia Alfaro
Janelle Evans
Fonda Beaty

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