By-Laws Report

USW Local 3657


Committee Report 

The by-laws committee met this week and discussed a few potential changes to the by-laws based on the survey results. These changes include, but are not limited to;

  • Updating the language outlined for International Convention Delegates, as well as researching the constitutionality of changing said language.
  • Possibly eliminating compensation for executive board members, as well as determining whether or not the desire for such a change exists.
  • Updating the language prohibiting communist membership and any other such outdated language.

The by-laws committee would like to have input from the membership regarding these or any other possible changes, prior to the changes being formally introduced and read. If anyone has any issues with the by-laws as currently written (a copy can be downloaded through the local website) please contact John Lepley or Joshua Keirsey.

3 thoughts on “By-Laws Report

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