FBP/Organizing Nov. 2014

Fight Back Pittsburgh/USW Local 3657 Organizing Committee Monthly Report
November 2014

It’s been another busy month for Fight Back Pittsburgh. As the Children’s Museum continues to organize, we held an action on Free Day where we handed out literature and coffee and talked to the museum workers. We supported Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition on November 19th in their “Students Not Customers” rally as a part of a global week of action focused on the student debt crisis and corporatization of the university system.

Rachel Nunes, our intern funded by the Berger Marks Foundation, as a part of her grant launched a “share.connect.rise.” Facebook group and we is preparing for a large women’s caucus meeting on November 30.

Additionally, we have been preparing for the arrival if the Honeywell Road Warriors on Dec. 4. We have been organizing a benefit show to raise funds to help our brothers and sisters locked out at Honeywell. And we have been organizing our December GMM where we will hear from workers at the children’s museum about their campaign as well as the Fight For Fifteen Workers who are going on strike on December 4th!

It’s been a month of planning and action and we are excited for our upcoming GMM!

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