Stop Right To Work in Pennsylvania!

By now you no doubt are aware of how destructive so-called “right to work” laws are, not just for union members but for all workers. They result in lower wages, fewer benefits and more dangerous workplaces for all. For years, we have been able to keep these laws out of Pennsylvania.

Now, out-of-state interests are making a full-court press to eliminate public-sector workers’ ability to use payroll deduction to collect dues. By threatening our resources, those advancing these bills are undermining our ability to operate successful unions. We need unity to oppose this, or we’ll also be facing a “right to work” fight imminently.

Our first step of our work is to find out where lawmakers stand on the bills that will eliminate payroll deduction, House Bill 1507 and Senate Bill 1034. We need all USW members in Pennsylvania to contact your state legislators as soon as possible.

Find contact information for your State Senators and House members here:

When You Call: Ask the lawmakers what their position is on House Bill 1507/Senate Bill 1034. Make sure to share your name, where you’re from and that you want them to oppose the bill and any similar legislation. The information on lawmakers’ positions is extremely important. Please share any information you receive with Bob McAuliffe, District 10 Rapid Response Coordinator, right away. Bob is reachable at 412-303-6235 or

Thank you!

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