A Message from USW Local 3657 Civil Rights Committee

Dear sisters and brothers:

The Civil Rights Committee (CRC) of USW Local 3657 was revived late last year and has since been in the process of developing a mission and agenda for creating and maintaining a discrimination and harassment-free union and workplace.  To those ends we are reaching out to all the members of USW Local 3657 tell you about the various projects we hope to promote and how to contact us should you at any time need information or assistance on civil rights matters.

Training Initiatives

 Last January CRC met with USW International management to discuss a joint-initiative to provide training to all USW staff on legal protections against sexual harassment, strategies to combat workplace violence and bullying along with programs that promote workplace tolerance and diversity.  While discussions with management are still ongoing, please know that the CRC is committed to pursuing these trainings for our members with or without management’s participation (though it’s the committee sincerest hope that we are able to provide these jointly).  Also, we encourage members with ideas regarding these or other civil rights training to contact us.


AFL-CIO Constituency Groups

Part of our mission as a committee is to promote membership involvement in the various constituency groups affiliated with the national AFL-CIO.  There are currently local chapters of two of these groups in our area, the Coalition of Union Women (CLUW) and the A. Philip Randolph Institute (APR), both of which include USW members.  Also, the CRC is currently assisting with the establishment of a chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA).  Members from these constituencies who wish to learn more about these groups or are interested in establishing a local chapter of another constituency group  (Pride At Work for gay, lesbian, and transgendered unionists or the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) for Asian Pacific unionists) are encouraged to contact us.


Civil Rights Complaints

Finally, a key responsibility of the CRC is to eliminate and prevent discrimination in the workplace by hearing complaints from the Local 3657 membership and, following an investigation, initiating remedial action where deemed appropriate by the CRC in consultation with the Local 3657 Grievance Committee and Executive Board.  Action includes everything from having an informal discussion to resolve perceived offensive or inappropriate behavior to requesting an investigation by USW Personnel Department for allegations of serious misconduct.  Local 3657 members are encouraged to contact any member of the CRC should they have any questions or complaints relating to workplace discrimination issues.


Listed below are the names of the committee members along with their contact information.  All discussions are kept confidential and as a general rule will only be shared with the appropriate parties with the permission of the complainant.   The CRC can also be reached by email at 3657civilrights@gmail.com.


In solidarity,


USW Local 3657 Civil Rights Committee


Shirley Bellamy



Janene Hogan



Doug Ward



Sherry Boler



Audrey Minor



Janet Hill



Guillermo Perez


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