By-laws Committee Meeting

Minutes ∙ 3657 By-Laws Committee Meeting

Date: 1/22/2013
Present: John Lepley
Pam Diana
Josh Keirsey
Guillermo Perez

Items Discussed

1. Committee discussed recommending that 3657 adopt a set of procedural rules based on the “10 Tips for Running Union Meetings” to be used in monthly meetings.

Committee Member Guillermo Perez will work on language for next committee meeting.

2. Updating By-Laws. The USW International has implemented several changes in standard by-laws since the 3657 by-laws were last printed in 2007 (e.g., restrictions on communist/subversives; section on dues has to be updated to reflect 1.45% instead of 1.3%, etc.).

Committee Member John Lepley will go through 3657 by-laws and identify sections that have to be removed and/or revised so they are consistent with International by-laws

3. What is the relationship between 3657 and casual employees who elect to pay dues to 3657? Do they have a right to vote in 3657 elections? Do they have a right to vote on CBA ratification even if they are not members of the bargaining unit? Several casual employees pay dues, contribute to PAC, and serve on 3657 committees? A gray area that should be clarified.

Bylaws Committee requests opportunity to discuss this matter with 3657 Executive Board.

4. Recommending new committees. By-laws committee would like to meet with 3657 Executive Board about formalizing a Rapid Response Committee and a Communications Committee.

Committee Member Josh Keirsey will look into language on establishing a Rapid Response Committee; Committee Member Pam Diana will look into language on establishing a Communications Committee. Language will outline responsibilities and duties similar to Standing Committees.

Items for next meeting

1. Assigning additional duties to 3657 Guides and Guards.
2. Language that allows officers to travel on behalf of the Local for meetings and representational activities without seeking approval from membership.

By-laws Committee requests 3657 President Patrick Young to attend next meeting for this item.

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