Info on Special Meetings on 10/3/2018

The Local will be conducting two special meetings today prompted by a floor motion at the most recent local union meeting. These meetings will take place in the first floor conference room from 12:00pm EDT to 1:00pm EDT and 8:00pm EDT to 9:00pm EDT. Additionally, we have the conference call line available for those not able to attend in person, and you will have an opportunity to be heard.

Conference call number: 1-515-739-1480

Access Code: 407950

During the meetings you will have an opportunity to ask questions and express your views about whether or not the members should vote to ratify the Project Field Organizer Memorandum of Understanding (PFO MOU). The membership approved an on-line process whereby members of the existing bargaining unit can vote up or down whether to ratify the PFO MOU. These members will receive a voting link in their USW email that is unique to them and can only used one time in order to cast their vote. The email will come from OpaVote Voting Link so watch for it.

Voting will be open until 12:59pm EDT on October 6, 2018. Once your vote is cast you will not be able to vote again. The tabulation process will take place electronically via the OpaVote system and the results will be presented via email upon completion as well as next month’s meeting.

The entirety of the PFO MOU is open to discussion, however, the process by which the vote is taking place and the voting parameters have already been approved, so will not be discussed. We want to hear from everyone so a strict time constraint will be followed of approximately two minutes per comment or question. It is the Local desire to hear from every member and we must be mindful of the meeting rules.

If you wish to submit questions anonymously to be answered to be answered at the meeting, please email them in advance to and we will make every effort to address them during the meetings. Additionally; we will be monitoring the general Slack channel for individuals who wish to be part of the conversation that can’t be on the call.

It’s the Local’s desire to hear from as many members as possible. Each meeting will conclude promptly at the predefined times. Members of the PFO subcommittee will be available throughout the voting period and I encourage you to reach out to them with questions or comments.

The full PFO MOU packet is available here

Josh Keirsey
USW Local 3657