Help Our Economy, Buy American!

Please take the time to watch this video and share it as well.  The video is less than 4 minutes and it is simple and to the point.  This is exactly the message we need to spread across America. Buy American made products!  Thanks – Andy Z.

1 thought on “Help Our Economy, Buy American!

  1. I saw a list of American made products quite sometime back. The rationale for that message was to educate the public about those products and get the public to purchase them. The problem I see is that the message was out there for a very brief period than it disappeared. In contrast, those who are destroying/outsourcing American jobs are relentless in their message about “free markets”, etc. and have gained an advantage with the public who remembers the last message they read or heard. Unfortunately, the “Buy American” message isn’t coming often enough from the “Buy American” crowd.

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